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Item List

Prevention of Cyber Threats & Emerging Disruptive Technologies

Establish clear connections, between the use of ICT by the youth and its underlying risks, by working on confidence-building measures (CBMs) to fend off threats to cyber space and emerging disruptive technologies (EDT).

Ensuring Good & Inclusive Governance

Foster youth engagement in political processes to enhance the scope of Accountability and Trust Measures (ATMs) underpinning Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Democracy to avert Unconstitutional Changes of Governments (UCGs) and political fragmentation.

Combating Transnational Organized Crime

Support through intelligence-driven and accurate research the creation of a youth action plan against transnational threats (Arms/Drugs Trafficking and Illicit Activities) ensuring the freedom of movement for persons, goods, services and commerce.

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Promote peacebuilding and post-conflict rehabilitation for youth populations in fragile countries ravaged by armed conflict or terrorism, by developing multifaceted policies and advocating for proactive foreign policies.

Monitoring Technological Developments in Defense

Conduct cause-driven research on politico-military developments pertaining to the domain of Defense (Modernization of Conventional and Nuclear Technologies) and Military Planning.