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2022 Session Applications Now Closed!
2023 Session Applications will open in


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Every year, CYIS organises two six month internship programmes for passionate young professionals who want to contribute to our vision with their insights and expertise. 


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We offer internship positions in the Executive Management, Resesaerch Branch and Operational Branch

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CYIS aims to expand the skills and knowledge of all early young professionals taking part in the internship programme.

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If Selected

If selected, CYIS offers a flexibelible and remote experience, allowing interns to carry out their internship from their home co

About CYIS

The Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS) is a voluntary, youth-orientated and non-partisan think-tank with a strong in-house research capacity of exceptional young professionals from Europe and the Americas.


The Centre’s mission is to bring the creative thinking of youth to shape the strategic agenda for governments, industry and academia. Together with the brightest young minds, CYIS generates independent, fact-based, solution-oriented and objective insights on emerging cross-dimensional and regional threats.​ We exert influence to promote cross-generational dialogue with key decision-makers and leading experts on policy.


The vision of CYIS is to create a more sustainable world for the next generation of decision-makers. As part of this vision, the goal is to provide an equitable environment to foster critical and creative thinking for all youth. Ultimately CYIS seeks to enable young individuals to express their voices on youth vulnerability in all aspects of society.


CYIS Internship

Every year, CYIS organises two six month internship programmes for passionate young professionals who want to contribute to our vision with their insights and expertise. 


The CYIS Internship Programme offers students and young professionals a learning  opportunity to enhance their skills in their respective theoretical and technical fields with a  remote working experience. Internships are output orientated based on the assigned projects, and tailored to the individual schedule of each intern. 


This opportunity is remunerated if applied through the Erasmus Programme of the intern’s academic institution. This will enable the intern to move to Brussels and work together with our staff. Alternatively, we offer a remote working experience which is non-remunerated. 


Programme Position

Executive Intern

The intern will be responsible for supporting the Executive Management, under the supervision of the Chief Executive, work in terms of knowledge management through note taking, scheduling and project management evaluation. 


Desired skills: 

• Minimum enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience;

• Previous editorial experience and project management

• Expertise with IT tools.

Research Intern

The intern will be responsible for assisting with the research of the dimensions and regional centres, assigned to by conducting content research, editing of blog and journal article drafts as well as audio & visual content, and data analysis. 

Desired skills:

• Minimum enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience;

• Previous research experience and project management

• Expertise with IT tools.

Operational Intern

The intern will work closely with the Senior Management, contributing to  system and structure maintenance of our website, communication, grants and partnerships which will strengthen the internal and external structure of the Organisation.

Desired skills:

• Minimum enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience;

• Previous experience in relevant field of position;

• Expertise with IT tools.

The interns will be assigned one or more projects based on their interest and expertise.


Programme Objectives

The CYIS Internship Programme has four main objectives:

  • To provide the Centre with access to the latest theoretical and technical knowledge that the intern can apply through practical work assignments, as well as with additional staff resources; 

  • To provide interns with an opportunity to learn from the CYIS Dimensions & Regions and get a better understanding and a more balanced view of the Organisation; 

  • To contribute to creating a more diverse workforce;

  • To expand understanding of CYIS and emerging threats to youth


Eligibility Critera
  • Educational status:

    • You will be a university student: you are at least currently enrolled in or are finishing a Bachelor's Degree;

    • You will have obtained your highest degree less than a year ago


  • Languages: you will be proficient in English. A working knowledge of the two other official CYIS languages ( French and Spanish) will be considered as an asset. Knowledge of other languages will be an advantage as specified in the internship description.




The application procedure consists of 

1. Receipt of applications

The CYIS Internship Programme opens for applications  on a bi-annual basis.


2. Assessment and eligibility criteria check

Once the application period has closed, candidates are evaluated on the basis of academic profile, language skills and additional qualities, such as having an international profile, relevant work experience, publications and a strong motivation for the role.

If you successfully pass this assessment step, you will be requested to upload your CV and cover letter.


CYIS is committed to diversity and inclusion, and strives to provide equal access to volunteering opportunities, advancement and retention, independent of gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, cultural background, sexual orientation, and disability. CYIS welcomes applications of all nationals, and strongly encourages women to apply.

3. Selection

CYIS Dimensions and Regions consult the CYIS HR to find the best candidates based on their specific needs and criteria (language skills, relevant studies and experience, etc.)

Receiving an internship offer will depend on the number of positions available.

If Selected


Let’s take a look at some practical elements of being a CYIS Intern. 

CYIS offers a flexible and remote experience, allowing interns  to carry out their internship from their home country.


CYIS Interns will need to support themselves financially or can apply for an Erasmus Grant prior to the start of  the experience. If selected, please notify us as soon as possible to arrange the proper documentation to be sent to your university to receive an Erasmus Grant.


Joining CYIS

CYIS interns work on an output-oriented basis depending on the project that they are assigned to. The work is adapted and is flexible to the schedule of each individual intern. 

CYIS is closed on public holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Additionally, CYIS closes for two weeks at the end of each session (i.e. Session 1: September-December, Session 2: January-April, Session 3: May-August).  Leave needs to be agreed in advance by your advisor. 

At the end of the internship you will be provided with a certificate of completion along with a letter of recommendation from your supervisor (pending a positive assessment of your performance) and an attestation to contribute to your university credits (if relevant).


2022 Internship Programme Cohort


Nafkot Alemaw

Economic-Environmental Dimension Intern

Sebastián Jiménez Melo

Americas Centre Intern

Grace Besa

Executive Management Intern

Vanessa Lazzerini

Americas Centre Intern

Run He

Politico-Military Dimension Intern

Linn Sommerhoff

Executive Management Intern

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